“The human mind will not function when it is hot. Only when it is cool and dispassionate”

A backstage play by Russell Barr

What’s it like to be always together, always to be one of a pair, always to share the praise and the blame and never ever to have a birthday cake that’s just for you?

Fittings’ new show Directed by Garry Robson is a mix of music, text and improvisation that fuses the extraordinary talents of avant garde performance artist David Hoyle with the vocal skills of acclaimed soprano Denise Leigh. A selected audience are invited to wander and explore the undiscovered places that lurk behind the scenes in theatres and travelling shows before being taken to a private audience with Jessie and Bessie the famous Siamese Twins.

“The great and terrible day has finally come.”

“all the performances were enthralling….David Hoyle as the convivial host always goes that sentence too far, catching you while you are still smiling but suddenly now feeling on edge.

Denise Leigh’s beautiful voice added a dramatic counterpoint to the action unfurling before us and Gareth Kieran Jones and Rachel Drazek, as the sisters, shared their emotional journey with us through snatches of dialogue, song and simple repetitive actions.

It’s the sisters who will haunt me – troubled and troubling with their longed-for Christmas present that, once opened, scars them just about as deep as you can go. And now me too, by association.

Affecting stuff indeed.”

Jo Verrent Disability Arts on Line.

Written by Russell Barr, featuring David Hoyle and Directed by Garry Robson “The Ugly Spirit” is an Unlimited Commission for the Cultural Olympiad. 


Director: Garry Robson

Musical Director: Stefan Andrusyschyn

Writer: Russell Barr

Associate artist: Tanya Raabe

Special Detachment: David Hoyle

Jessie: Gareth Kieran Jones

Bessie: Rachel Drazek

Lady Schwarzkopf: Denise Leigh

Designer: Lisa Ducie

Lighting design: Ian Scott

                                                                                            Artistic consultant: Peter Higgin

Film: I Cannot Speak Without Shaking

Film by Todd Herman

Written by Patricia Berne


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